Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ghostface begs his fans to buy his CDs

It probably is galling to see your fans disappearing; but comforting that, as your career dwindles, you can believe that the reason nobody is buying your album is because people are stealing it off the internet.

It's probably ill-advised to then post to YouTube using a mixture of begging and passive aggressive hints about quitting to try and shift the unsold piles of CD, though:

"I thought y'all motherfuckers loved me, man. You know I go all out for y'all, and I love y'all man, but y'all niggas be hurtin' the kid, because y'all don't wanna go cop our CD, you feel me? Y'all rather download our shit.

"If y'all really rollin with the kid, snap out that shit man. This is real talk... It's comin' from your homey... Y'all niggas gonna make me leave the game based on niggas doin' shit like that man. I thought y'all loved me. Go cop that CD man, even if you downloaded that shit, go to the store and cop that. If you really love your man."

Now how bad do you feel? Ghostface Killah thinks we don't love him any more. His hip-hop power is fading. Altogether, girls and boys: yell "I believe in Ghostface..."


Anonymous said...

Truly profound.

Anonymous said...

In fairness, both his last couple of albums are great, and cheap for what they are (if memory serves, Fishscale was going super-cheap at Target?) and so he's saying that if you downloaded it and liked it, go and buy it, which doesn't seem unreasonable to me.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

@Johnnyb: it's true that saying 'if you like this record, buy it' would be reasonable.

'If you don't buy this record you don't love me and I'm going to quit' somewhat less reasonable.

Anonymous said...

I like the intimation that he only does this music for the fans "cos I love y'all". Not for money or anything grubby like that. Oh sorry, I mean "buy my album sucka or I'll throw a big girly strop".

Anonymous said...

There is justification to him being pissed off that people will download illegally rather than buy his crap, but he makes the mistake of taking MySpace stats at face value.

Anyone who uses MySpace and has a large 'friend' base quickly realises that a HUGE percentage of users sign up friends just to increase their own friend numbers. Sad but true.

Approxmately every 2 out of 3 requests I get are from people who have nothing whatsoever in common with me, and share no interests whatsoever in common with me - which speaks for itself regarding their intent.

So, if Mr. Ghostface has 150,000 friends and only 30,000 album sales, that 30,000 (give or take an extra 15,000 or so) is probably a more accurate measure of how many of his Myspace friends are actually fans.

So the real problem seems to be that Mr.Ghostface simply ain't as popular as he assumes.

Anonymous said...

to be fair 85000 of those friends are tom

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