Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kelly Osbourne tries to pull a Ditto

Kelly Osbourne has shared her 'disappointment' with reaction to her recent weight loss:

"I don't like the way that suddenly now everyone likes me because I've lost two stone. Why was I a bitch before? Because I was fat?"

We're not quite sure why this is disappointing to her - did she hope that people would continue to dislike her? (Actually, we're not sure that people do like her now any more than they did when you used to be able to buy those toys of her with the duck beak where her mouth should have been, but we'll let that slide.)
The singer claimed that overweight people are vilified more than "a junkie".

Really? Or is that hyperbole?
Kelly, 23, told Heat magazine: "I was always the fat spoilt brat because I was fat."

Well, yes - otherwise you'd have just been a spoilt brat, though. It's not so much of an advantage.

Having ranted a little about being treated badly because she was fat, Kelly then, um, denies she was fat at all:
"Just because I'm a size 8-10 now doesn't mean a size 12 was fat.

There is an important debate to be had about people's attitudes to body shape; it would just be better if Kelly thought through her views before joining in.

It might also help more if you don't give interviews about how terrible the attitude to overweight people is to magazines like Heat, which are partly responsible for that sort of thing in the first place. Complaining about body fascism to Heat is like objecting to petrol consumption in Top Gear magazine.


Anonymous said...

A group of people who make the choice to risk their health/kill themselves through what they themselves choose to stick in their body. Two different groups of people. One description fits all. Fair enough they shouldn't be vilified "more" than junkies but they are more similar than most people are willing to admit.

Anonymous said...

Except that there are some people who have natural tendencies toward obesity. Also, in terms of killing oneself through what one ingests, are we also including nicotine and alcohol?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Kelly, I still hate you. A talent vacuum doesn't depend on the surface area of its exterior, it's just as empty either way.

Anonymous said...

Duckie: true enough.

Anonymous said...

"Except that there are some people who have natural tendencies toward obesity. Also, in terms of killing oneself through what one ingests, are we also including nicotine and alcohol?"
Very true on the first point but those people don't really have the choice I mentioned. On the second point, I'm pretty sure that people who don't take things like that in moderation are generally treated by society in the same way.

Anonymous said...

Anon: I see what you're saying, though I'd beg to differ on the notion that people who do things to excess are treated the same.

There are often double standards: for example, it's common to look down on someone who injects themselves with heroin even if they do it in the privacy of their home, but people often don't express the same level of revulsion for someone who drinks like a fish and then gets behind the wheel of a vehicle. Everyone has their vices but it's very easy for people to get sanctimonious about other people's vices.

Really, I couldn't care less what an adult puts in their body as long as they're not then driving or otherwise infringing upon the rights/health of others; it's their body and therefore none of my concern. Osbourne rubs me and some others the wrong way for reasons having to do with her character/attitude/talent or lack thereof, not for trifling concerns like what she happens to ingest.

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