Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lenny Kravitz gives up sex

Yes, straight women, gay and bi men, it's true: the reason why Kravitz has stopped calling is because he doesn't do sex anymore:

"(It's) just a promise I made until I get married. Where I'm at in life, the women have got to come with something else, not just the body, but the mind and spirit. It usually trips them out, but that's the way it's going to be. I'm looking at the big picture."

Kravitz tells Maxim that he's not had sex for three years.

Now, we might be cynical, but we suspect we'd believe him more about his choice to be celibate had he mentioned his decision at the start of the three years, rather than the end. Because by claiming he never intended to have any sex at all for thirty-six months looks a little like he's trying to rationalize a drought, rather than embarking on trying to keep himself as pure as he remains for his next marriage.


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