Saturday, January 26, 2008

Morrissey falls silent

Perhaps as a side-effect of one-too-many drinking games with the crew, Mozzer's voice has given out and so his two Camden gigs this weekend are being postponed. There's a statement:

"Morrissey's concerts scheduled for tonight and tomorrow night at The Roundhouse have been postponed due to illness.

"The iconic artist lost his voice last night five songs in to the fourth night of a run of six sold out shows at the legendary venue. He has been ordered by doctors to rest for the next four days."

The iconic artist? You're cancelling a gig, not putting him forward to go on Deal or No Deal.


Olive said...

Apparently, all meat dishes were removed from the Roundhouse menu for the duration of Morrissey's residence.

Jack said...

I was there on Friday (when he walked off half way through the fourth song). I didn't look at the menus (I had no reason to), but I wish I had done.

Basically what happened on Friday was he played three songs. Apparently his voice was sounding crap, but I don't notice these things. I did notice he did stop singing a few times, but I assumed that was to let people sing along, as people were doing.

Half way through the fourth song he went off stage, then his band moved forward. I assumed he was just doing what many singers with a high level of self importance do, which is walk off stage during instrumental bits. I was surprised at how organised the band were at leaving the stage at the end of the song, and I just assumed he was going to do an acoustic song or something. But nothing happened.

Confusion all round. About fifteen minutes later the unmissable hair of Russell Brand came on stage (Jonathan Ross and David Walliams were also on stage. I'm not sure why), and tried to explain. Loads of people were booing. Russell Brand was trying to explain what had happened, but people weren't taking it.

I'm sure that people were booing because of the fifteen minute or so wait before anyone said anything. This is based on absolutely nothing, but I can only guess that it was clear that Morrissey wouldn't be playing more after a couple of minutes, and that they spent the rest of the wait trying to persuade some famous people to come and explain it. Of course I could be wrong, but I can't see how it can take fifteen minutes to decide that he won't be coming back on.

Interestingly enough, Russell Brand looked exactly the same as he does when he's on telly/performing. In the exact same outfit.

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