Thursday, January 03, 2008

Now Washington says 'no' to RIAA

The easy ride for the RIAA from universities is over, it seems, as while Oregon says it won't just hand over names to the music industry cartel, now the University of Washington is refusing to be the RIAA's mailboy. The university says it won't forward letters demanding cash for alleged filesharing unless it be assured the students were, indeed, illegaly filesharing. The RIAA has provided the University with threatening letters and asked for them to be passed to users with certain ID codes; the university is worried this approach fails to cope with students who share internet connections.


Anonymous said...

UW used to forward the letters automatically, so nice to see they're taking a stand and requiring, you know, PROOF and all that silly business. I graduated from UW so of course I'm happy to see this.

Anonymous said...

The states of Washington and Oregon have often been considered bastions of liberalism; it's nice to see that they're upholding that reputation somewhat.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of time. Another stuck up college and more pointless "music laws." Wow, what libertarianists!

Anonymous said...

anon cardenio: While your flailing to express yourself is amusing, one has to question whether you have an actual coherent stance on this issue aside from 'what a waste of time' (then why comment?) and making up words ("libertarianists"?).

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