Tuesday, January 29, 2008

UB40 split: now even less amicable

The departure of Ali Campbell from UB40 is being handled as smoothly as a Tory MP giving dropsy to his kids.

At first, you'll recall, the band issued a statement announcing Campbell had quit to pursue solo opportunities.

Then Campbell issued a statement denying he was quitting to go solo; he was happy to continue UB40 alongside his solo work, but was leaving because he didn't agree with the way the band was managemed.

Now, UB40 have issued another statement denying Campbell's denials:

[A] spokesman for UB40 said: "The band would like to clarify that they do not have artist management and that all decisions relating to UB40 as a band - both past and present in their 30-year career - have always been by a democratic process of all eight members."

This was a process "which Ali Campbell has actively participated in" as "a fully paid-up member", the spokesman said.

The spokesman added: "Ali made a very simple decision, he chose to pursue and put his solo career over and above continuing to work with UB40."

But Campbell never said anything about there being a separate manager - he said he had problems of management difficulties. UB40's response is akin to responding to someone accusing you of driving dangerously by saying "we don't have a chauffeur; we drive ourselves.

So, do we believe Campbell or UB40? The thing is they can't both be right, and you'd have to assume that, all other things being equal, a bloke would know if he was stepping down amicably, or flouncing out in disgust.

Wonderfully, they've still got a bunch of dates to get through together.