Saturday, January 05, 2008

We have all lived so long Spandau Ballet are becoming credible again

This is the Cazal's cover of To Cut A Long Story Short:

We've always thought that early Spandau could stand a bit of a critical rediscovery - especially the Paint Me Down era stuff - whoever knew that a career born wearing Greek national costumes and making softcore gay porn would end in Through The Barricades and sofa commercials?


Anonymous said...

"Musclebound" is ... extraordinary. Possibly the least rock'n'roll single that's ever been called pop music in the UK and made the Top 10.

I think you have to put any reappraisal of their early stuff in the post-Iraq context which has inspired it (if indeed it is happening). By 1984, Gavin Martin said in the NME that they were part of the post-Brideshead heritage boom, and like that supposed boom itself, such a description now seems a smokescreen, and ultimately inaccurate ... even, in fact especially, at their blandest they *had no past* (vide PSB passim).

Apparently the artwork of 'Journeys to Glory' was praised in a National Front publication at the time. But in the age of Rock'n'Roll Wars, I feel there are worse insults, worse connections.

Valerie said...

This is kind of boring. But good for Spandau.

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