Monday, January 21, 2008

We7 pulls down three million quid

We7, the download company with Peter Gabriel's public face has pulled in six million dollars worth of funding to fuel its next stage of growth.

This is to improve on its current base of 100,000 users who listen to ad-supported downloads.

Sorry, did we say ad-supported? We mean:

relevant and quality Brand messages

It's telling We7's press release capitalises the b in Brand. Either they're very, very serious about adverts, or else each download comes with a spurt of Russell Brand on it.

The money might be well put to tempting some majors onto the platform - although there's quite a range of stuff on We7, there's something of a sense of it being a bit like shopping for records in an ex-jukebox box in a newsagents. It doesn't help that the press release trumpeting their millionth download last month revealed the significant milestone was someone adding The Spinners doing Maggie May to their collection.


Anonymous said...

Whether its Maggie May by the Spinners or the Hossiers, the real point about We7 is that people want the ,music they wat in the form that want it. The thing that continues to pleasantly suprise me is that whatever we put on the site is consumed and so we should n't question people desire for old,new, covered or whatever, the main benefit is an increase inteh desire for music.

The ad funded models are starting to gain tranaction and acceptance, they will not at an individual track level generate the same as a purchase but together has the capacity to really increase teh revenue flow into the industry

Cheers, keep checking us out


Anonymous said...

Wow...incompetent troll or a CEO badly in need of remedial English? Hard call.

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