Monday, February 11, 2008

Capital brings back the ads

Besides dumping DAB and axing XFM outside London, there's another u-turn tucked away in the official GCap statement this morning. Capital is ditching its policy of fewer adverts. Listed as a 'key initiative':

Increasing inventory at Capital 95.8 to meet demand from advertisers

Interesting. When they dropped the number of ads, GCap made much ballyhoo about how it was responding to listener needs; now, presumably, with listeners not listening much their wishes are unimportant.

Mind you, the policy of fewer adverts lasted longer than the simultaneous rebranding of the main London franchise as Capital Radio (again) - somewhere in the last couple of years it seems to have mutated again into Capital 98.5. If they can't decide what to call the bloody thing, what chance do they have of making any other ideas stick?

It's hard to believe there's much demand from advertisers for more inventory on Capital. At the end of Janaury GCap described the advertising market as "stable".