Friday, February 15, 2008

Glastonbury "could be" the last

This morning's Timesis reporting 2008 as being game over for Glastonbury:

This year’s Glastonbury could be the last, organiser admits

Blimey. Has Michael Eavis said that?

No, it turns out it's Emily... no, no, come back, she still knows what she's talking about.

But it's not quite as grim as the headline suggests - it's more an acceptance that, one day, there will be no Glastonbury Festival any more, and that things should always proceed on that basis:
We had a kind of retrospective time during Christmas, talking about it and whether it’s a long-term thing. I kinda feel that we should ply everything into this as if it could be the last. It’s a risky, risky business and it would be nice to think, to know that it could go on for ever [but] I don’t know if that’s possible.”

So, they're, erm, plying everything into 2008 after an, um, retrospective Christmas, but it doesn't actually mean that there's not going to be any after this one.

Talking of Glastonbury and eye-opening stories, you might remember the story from 2005, when Private Eye reported Melvin Benn flogging FA Cup tickets "at face value" to Mendip Council Environmental Officer Chris Malcolmson. Malcolmson's work at the council included providing guidance to the committee which decided on the Festival's licence, but there was no hint that this was anything other than an act of generosity unrelated to the business of the council.

Not any more, though: the current Private Eye reports that Malcolmson has stepped down from the council. Not to worry, though: he's found a new job working for Glastonbury Festivals Limited.