Saturday, February 02, 2008

Jay-Z for the Pyramid stage

Now, we're all for the idea of Jay-Z turning up at the Glastonbury Festival - it's all confirmed now; BBC Radio Somerset got the scoop. But we're not sure that Michael Eavis has really thought this through:

"He will appeal to the young people and under-25s for sure, so that's a big pull for them.

"It's not like the traditional one we do, like Radiohead, Coldplay and Muse and Oasis."

Is Jay-Z really more attractive to the teenage market than Radiohead are? Especially amongst the sort of people who'd go to Glastonbury? Isn't this an older, middle-class, white bloke's idea of 'the sort of thing the kids like'?

And, with tickets costing more than ever, requiring a credit card and ID checks, is having a rapping singer on the bill really going to do that much to bring younger people back to the festival?


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