Saturday, February 16, 2008

There was a time when your life did briefly intersect with that of someone quite famous, wasn't there?

We don't know what's more heartbreaking in this headline from the Glenrothes Gazette:

Pop star in Glenrothes

The implication that a pop star - any pop star - coming to Glenrothes is, of itself, an event; or the realisation that Faye Tozer is now so obscure her job title is considered more of a pull than her name.

It gets even more heartbreaking: Tozer is playing Eva Cassidy in a musical. Yes, that would be a rotating sound coming from that graveyard.


Anonymous said...

I remember Faye Tozer once saying in an interview that if she were Prime Minister she would do away with bus lanes as they cause her limo to get stuck in traffic! Genius.

Anonymous said...

My abiding memory of Faye Tozer is from when I worked at a popular bongo magazine. One month, a Reader's Wife looked frighteningly similar to Ms Tozer, to the extent that I had to check with colleagues at the aforementioned art pamphlet that it actually was a Reader's Wife, and not just a hard-up popstar.

She was sat under a tree and had the blonde curls, pointy nose and everything.

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