Sunday, March 23, 2008

Amy Winehouse "shock"

Really, Rav, are you really shocked that Amy Winehouse is still a bit of a mess?

The one surprising thing about the latest sad chapter in her life is the ease with which Mitch Winehouse swaps from worrying about his daughter to talking up the new record:

"Amy turned up late and she had a problem getting through security.

"I saw the cuts on her arms and commented on it. But we are once again in that same situation. She's an adult and what can we do about it?"

"It was the normal dark stuff but absolutely fantastic. The new album should be out later this year.

"I don't know what she does with her songwriting. I've asked her about it before and she thinks I'm a bit silly because I don't understand how she can write a brilliant song."

Well, as long as there's an album for someone to sell at the end of it, eh?