Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The crumbliest, flakiest

The 'gorilla playing drums' advert for Cadbury's has been hailed as some sort of success, being credited with a rise in sales of unpleasant chocolate in 2007. Less over-excited observers might conclude that getting through a year without having to recall tons and tons of chocolate because a dirty factory had led to a salmonella problem might have explained the rise more satisfactorily, but no matter.

Buoyed from the success of linking one chocolate product with an unlikely musician, they're trying it again with the Joss Stone advert for Flake.

It's horrible. It's really horrible. Joss is seen working hard in the studio - laying down some tracks, maaan - when an unscheduled break gives her the chance to have a chocolate bar. No finger of fudge for Joss, though - she has the Flake, sings the theme tune to herself and picks some crumbs off her breasts.

It's quite inspiring the way the advertisers have managed to combine the supposed unique selling point of the product (that it's sexy - look, I'm patting my breasts) with the reason why it makes sense to steer clear from eating Flakes in the first place (the go everywhere, falling in a shower of vegetable oil chocolate one piece of which, no matter how much you brush, will remain on your clothes, melting and looking like a poo fleck.)

Adding to the supposed 'sexiness' of the brand, the advertisers have inserted a shot which, we suspect, is purely there to let us peek up Stone's neckline.

If the advertising agency really knows what it's doing, it will have filmed a version of this with an alternate ending, for release online, where Joss' moment enjoying her chcolate is interrupted by a rimshot, whereupon she and the camera swing round to reveal the Dairy Milk gorilla is playing drums on her new record.