Monday, March 03, 2008

Exit exit a Kosovo no-no?

Bjork seems convinced she's been dumped by Serbian Exit Festival because she'd dedicated a song to Kosovo while playing in Tokyo:

"Maybe a Serb attended my concert [in Tokyo] and called home, and therefore the concert in Novi Sad was cancelled."

The organisers deny this, but are a bit vague about what might actually have happened:
According to EXIT's general manager Bojan Boskovic, "These stories are quite bizarre and untrue. EXIT Festival has never cancelled any artist's performance because of their political point-of-view or statements. We'd like to clarify that the festival is right on track and festival preparations are our best ever, we're really looking forward to announcing our program and, moreover, seeing everybody again at the event in July."

Boskovic continues, "EXIT was the first forum in the Balkans to gather people from all the former Yugoslavian countries after the civil wars. Started nine years ago as a student-initiated protest against the Milosevic regime, EXIT has become a symbol of togetherness and cultural diversity and is a social force that every year brings together more and more people, from every background and culture of the region."

Boskovic doesn't say if Bjork had been asked to play, or if she had been dropped, and if she had been, why. The attempt to focus on anything other than the question of what happened to Bjork looks a little like avoidance, if nothing else.