Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Pete in the morning

There's no question what the big story is this morning in Bizarre - it's the apparent claims of Kate Moss that she's going to marry Jamie Hince. Okay, she was drunk when she said it, and only said to people taking her picture on cameraphones, and couldn't explain any further than "soon", but it's a splashy big story. It gets an exclusive tag. In the print edition of the Sun, it's a big, prominent splash.

It's clearly the biggest story of the morning.

Oddly, though, it's shoved aside on the Bizarre webpage to make way for a lame Wayne Rooney wedding story which is 'rich man spends money on wedding', in effect.

Why would a long burble guessing how much Colleen is going to spend on flowers take priority over an actual, scoopy, surprising Moss story?

The byline on the Kate story, we'd guess:

Deputy Bizarre Editor

There is also a story about Franz Ferdinand, too, although Gordon forgets to mention his source for this one, too. "I heard it on Newsbeat", actually.


Laura Brown said...

Sorry to nitpick, but I believe Ms McLoughlin's first name is spelt with just one L for extra chavvy effect. (Though to be fair, I suppose either version is a misspelling of caillin.)

Laura Brown said...

Erm ... make that Cailín. The spelling-corrections curse strikes again!

Anonymous said...

If you think that's bad, here's something to truly crush the soul of anyone with a passing interest in reading words and that; Coleen McLoughlin has called Victoria Beckham to explain why she and husband David are not invited to her wedding.

"A source said: 'Victoria appreciated the call. She was impressed that Coleen, who's a lot younger than her, was mature enough to do it.'"

This was in the Sunday People. The paper which comes out once a week, where the writers have a whole seven days to find things to write about.

That noise you can hear? That's John Pilger digging a grave so he can practice his spinning.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Kate Moss always about to marry whatever man she's shagging that week?

The only surprising thing about her supposed impending nuptials to Jamie Hince would be if she actually goes through with it.

Chris Brown said...

And don't I feel like a complete bastard now? It never even crossed my mind to give the Beckhams a call and explain to them why they weren't coming to ours.

Do you think eight years is too late?

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't hurt to give her a ring, just to put her mind at ease. That's probably why she always looks so miserable.

(Good luck though; I regularly telephone Steve Wright to explain that he won't be invited to my wedding because I think he's a ludicrous jabbering bell-end, and you wouldn't believe the language I get for my troubles)

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