Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Here's Put Your Hands Up For Detroit. Again."

We should have linked to this back when it appeared, but... well, we didn't, clearly. But we should bring Sweeping The Nation's dissection of the Last.FM figures recording BBC Radio's output for the last couple of years to your attention.

It confirms your suspicion that Young Folks got played a ridiculous number of times on 6Music, for a start.


Anonymous said...

In defence of 6 Music (but only slightly) is it possible that these tracks notch up plays if they get used as music beds? I seem to remember hearing Lamacq using Debaser as a bed last time I listened; I think one of the daytime jocks was using Peter Bjorn et al too.

That said, it's pretty grim reading at times.

Chris Brown said...

I think that must be the case - the R1 figures give an unexpectedly strong showing to 'Generator' by The Holloways, for the same reason.

And I suppose 'Young Folks' was a hit twice. I guess the best way of looking at it is that every time they play the song, it's about four minutes when George Lamb isn't talking.

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