Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I am tired; you are loose; he is drunk

Ashlee Simpson's performance on a Washington Radio Station this morning has generated suggestions she might have turned up drunk. And why not, eh? It's not like it's a breakfast show she was on. Oh.

With mp3s of the interview popping all over the web, you're free to judge for yourself.

Just in case you need some help in judging for yourself, her people have rustled up an explanation for her performance:

"Ashlee was absolutely not intoxicated this morning on Hot 99.5. She has been working extremely hard traveling across the country to promote her upcoming new album by performing at night and waking up very early the next day to do radio interviews in the morning, like any of us would be, she was simply just tired."

Everyone, then, agrees she needs to sleep something off, even if there's some disagreement about precisely what.