Monday, March 03, 2008

Keith Richards: music stopped in 1973

He's off again, like Uncle Albert from Only Fools and Horses. Keith Richards doesn't like any music since, ooh, roughly the time The Stones started going bad:

"I don't like CDs, quite honestly. They sound tinny to me."

The possibility that, just maybe, the problem might be with his ears rather than the CDs doesn't seem to have occurred to Keith. Not that it matters; he wouldn't buy any bloody records anyway:
"I've not even heard the Arctic Monkeys. I know of them but I don't know anything they've done. I didn't like Oasis, I didn't like the Sex Pistols, I don't like any of those English rock n' roll bands. They're all crap."

... says the godfather of English rock and roll bands. Still, its nice that he's actually bothered to listen to Oasis before dismissing them.