Friday, March 28, 2008

Lambs, to no slaughter

Having pulled off the trick of being almost universally despised by his station's key audience, 6Music are doing their best to shore up George Lamb's show. They've made a TV trailer which actually manages, in thirty sections, to encompass everything that's wrong with him. It even ends with him bellowing "Shabba".

Now, let's be generous and assume that Lesley Douglas is serious in her desire to attract more women to her network by employing Lamb (and, erm, a man in a fake badger head). And she believes her target female audience were put off by 6Music being a blokey, music-fact strewn network. Is running a tv shot of two blokey blokes flinging CDs into car players and doing that stupid touching-fists greeting is going to attract them where Gideon Coe couldn't?


Anonymous said...

Crumbs, it's bad. What's the bit about pizza for? Is that one of his 'things'? It doesn't exactly suggest great things for the rest of the programme...

And hasn't he stolen his 'Shabba' catchphrase from Ray Von, the DJ in Phoenix Nights?

Anonymous said...

Even more astonishingly, there's also a five minute video where Lamb painstakingly explains what happens in the trailer, presumably for the hard of seeing. I think what it is, is that 6Music are worried that their audience are too old, they need to get the youngsters in - the under fives.

Anonymous said...

Actually, now I've seen what he looks like - quite good looking albeit in a big-nosed way *checks own nose in mirror* - I can see what Douglas is aiming at. The ladies will sit next to their radios swooning over his picture and sighing dreamily whilst endlessly texting the show asking if he'll marry them.

DeadEd said...

I genuinely like George Lamb. Took me about two weeks to get used to it but now he honestly makes me laugh more than Merchant. Does this make me a bad person?

p.s. Now we're on 6music based chatter, Keaveny = dullest, most uninteresting morning host ever given access to a microphone. Replacing Jupitus' bitter morning rambles with him is like trading Carte D'Or for a penguin's fart

Anonymous said...

James unfortunately your views on Shaun Keaveny are null and void as you are the one person that finds twatting George Lamb, the executioner of 6music, genuinely likeable.

Anonymous said...

Writing as a female, who loved Gideon Coe's show, as he played the music I grew up with, and also a female who has to sit in a room where people claim they have to listen to George Lamb, and do so (at work), my only real contribution I can add to this is that up until Lamb started, I hated Nemone's show. Thought she was bland and awful (mind, wasn't most things after Gideon's show?)

Compared to George Lamb, she's Gideon Coe's lovechild - thank god for Nemone! No boy-chat about boy-things in between songs - she just gets on with the music, rather than attempting to be (have) a personality.

It's a close call now, who's the worst - Jo Whiley or George Lamb. I think I'll stick with Radio 2 nowadays... they also play the music I grew up with, although they just don't play a spot of That Petrol Emotion, mid morning.

(btw, worthy news item, TPE have reformed, and are playing an Irish festival with The Breeders and MBV - it's 1990 all over again!)

ian said...

Yes, James, I'm afraid it does. Frankly, Ms Douglas, that was a rubbish disguise.

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