Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Together at last, sort of: Murdoch & NME

You'd have thought that - what with all the synergies and stuff that supposedly fly from mergers - the natural, streaming home of the NME US Awards would have been on Bebo, also part of the Time Warner empire. Instead, they've given 'em to rivals MySpace.

Now, what was it NME editor Conor McNicholas said about MySpace exactly a month ago?

I've almost completely given up on MySpace and Facebook already. They're really great fun for three weeks, but I just don't have the time any more. If you're 15 years old, though, and fantastically self-obsessed, they're a brilliant invention.

Bringing the NME awards to an audience of self-obsessed fifteen year olds. That's the way to build a brand.