Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yes, it's grudging, but it's still respect

We're a little surprised, but if Leona Lewis manages to hit the US number one today, it'll be the first record by a British solo female artist to do it since... this:

Kim Wilde in 1987. Blimey.


Anonymous said...

Weird to think Winehouse never reached number one in the States, despite the Grammys...

Simon said...

What a dreadfully written Times piece, though. "The song that all America is humming", US media preferring nu-metal in 2008, the Shirley Bassey namecheck, the assumption American fans don't know Lewis is British, the bit at the end that lists other British singers (Kate Nash's album has been out in America for nearly three months)...

Anonymous said...

Makes you want them to bring back Rees-Mogg (or maybe even appoint his son - and I *never* thought I'd say that) more and more. At least then they wouldn't be interfering with anyone else's business.

End the cringe. Cleanse the wound. Kill the inferiority complex. Link with our *true* allies (in most of whose countries Lewis has been number one). But we'd have to change first, rather than impose *our* terms on *them*. Sadly, Sarkozy seems determined to do all the changing for us ... Lewis embodies everything he is determined to make all Europe safe for. Still, British involvement in a neoliberal Europe may be a (very, very slightly) lesser evil than no British involvement in Europe at all.

Anonymous said...

Kim was cute. But she couldn't dance for toffee.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I've got a lovely acer in the back garden, planted on Kim Wilde's advice. When Leona Lewis offers me advice on planting in a water-ridden, clay-ridden wind trap, I'll give her more respect.

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