Sunday, April 13, 2008

Amy Winehouse's open house

Rav Singh - who, clearly, is hoping that Amy Winehouse has no reputation she'd be seeking to save through legal action - reports on a Winehouse party, trying to make the claim 'Winehouse does drugs' to have some sort of shock value:

WASTED AMY WINEHOUSE snorted cocaine at a party last week with Sir BOB GELDOF'S teen daughter PIXIE just a few feet away.

I can reveal that the troubled singer sneaked off to the toilet to snort line after line—leaving guests in no doubt that she's still hooked on drugs.

The news that Pixie, 17, was in the next room to crack addict Amy is bound to make dad Bob hit the roof.

Rav can't quite pin down where the party took place - sometimes the piece makes references to "at her Camden home", but then also writes the article as if it was in some other place. It's not exactly a good basis for a story when the writer can't even pin down where the things which happened are supposed to have happened.

And surely it'd be slightly hypocritical of Geldof to worry about his daughter being "in the next room" to Winehouse more than her apparent carousing in general?