Saturday, April 12, 2008

Embed and breakfast man: Blood Red Shoes

With Blood Red Shoes' new album Box Of Secrets due on Monday, what better time than to spend some time looking at the band playing their instruments and singing and stuff?

We'll kick off with ADHD, live from the Artrocker bit of the Camden Crawl last year:

More videos from Blood Red Shoes to come
It's Getting Boring By The Sea - promo
I Wish I Was Someone Better - live in Tokyo


Jack said...

Great! Great band, great live. I feel like I should plug the forum too. Watch out for that sven945 guy on there though. He's an odd one.

Jack said...

Oh, and another thing (sorry for the constant plugging!), two copies of their first single (Victory for the Magpie) are being sold on ebay and the money is going to charities of the band's choice. More information here.

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