Monday, April 14, 2008

Goodnight, Hong Kong: EMI retreats from Asia

Music2.0 is reporting that shape is being given to EMI's plans in the Asian market, and that shape is a lot smaller than the current shape.

EMI will, it's claimed, close a slew of offices in the region and is looking for a partner to take care of its Asian catalogue business. "Take care of" as in doing all the work.

This needn't be such a rotten idea - after all, the Asian markets are totally different to the UK & US, and the Western Labels have suffered badly by not being quick enough to react to the changes in the way people are listening to music now. You think they've been slow in Essex and Oregon? They look like the Red Arrows on fast forward compared with their moves in Shanghai and Singapore. Tying up with a local partner who understands how things work is probably a shrewd move.

Except EMI is apparently considering giving its catalogue to Warners to look after, like some sort of leaking bucket being passed between the Chuckle Brothers.