Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The great I Like Trains robbery

In their own words, here is a story of robbery in Italy:

Fake policemen managed to steal an entire night's gig takings from iLiKETRAiNS in Italy last week.

The raid happened in Piacenza around 2am last Sunday, 13th April, where the band were pulled over by an unmarked police car.

"Two 'police officers' in full uniform with badges said they were doing a routine check," according to the band's manager, Dominic Brownlow,“and then asked if they could see any cash they may have earned at the gig as there were counterfeit notes in the area.

"As soon as they saw the money-bag, they grabbed it and ran into the waiting car.”
"We were pulled over by two guys flashing a police badge at three in the morning on an Italian motorway,” said guitarist and lead vocalist Dave Martin. “One of them came to the window with a gun in his holster, yelling in aggressive Italian. He asked to see our passports and if we had guns or drugs.

"The whole crew was searched and in the ensuing confusion they ran off with the night's takings. It was a very slick operation and sickening to lose so much cash.”
The got away with? €3,000, about £2,500.

"No-one was hurt but pride was damaged. The police have known about the trick for ages and have never caught them.”

It's not clear if the fake police only target bands, or if they pull the stunt on all sorts of people - there'd be a tale for A Place In The Sun.


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