Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dennys, champions of the world

US pancakes and burger chain Dennys are throwing their slightly-over-normal weight behind small bands, with an initiative called the Dennys All Nighter. This allows webusers to vote for a band from a list of six to receive all the food they can eat, while out on tour, providing they eat at Dennys.

Meanwhile, we're given to understand that several bands are running a campaign designed to help out Village Inn by voting to eat at any remaining branches of that chain while they're out on tour.

Back at Denny's, they chain have also invited Taking Back Sunday to create a signature dish. Considering that the last time we were in a Dennys, their one concession to pop culture was a small photo of Elvis and a 45 nailed to the wall, this is quite a leap forward. Although we're not sure we'd want to eat in a place that lets Taking Back Sunday into its kitchens.

We've had a Taco Bell gig, now Dennys feeding touring bands: Perkins, we're waiting.