Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gennaro Castaldo Watch: HMV takes on Carphone Warehouse

With the wafer-thin excuse that 'you can play music on phones nowadays, you know...', HMV decides that it's actually a telephone business:

HMV spokesperson, Gennaro Castaldo, said: ‘We’ve had so much interest in the music mobile area and are expanding our range. It has engaged with our customers and we feel that it’s an opportunity to build on. Mobile will be one of the technological areas within our Next Generation stores.’

Translation: We've managed to sell some phones, so we're going to try and sell a lot more.

There will still be room for music sales in larger branches of HMV, we're given to understand, with as many as five CDs being available in the flagship London store.


Anonymous said...

Eh? Pop in for an Andy Williams CD, end up impulse-buying a Nokia N95 on an 18-month unlimited data contract? Maybe I'm getting old, but I really didn't like it when Virgin turned all the Our Price stores into 'V Shops', which basically involved getting rid of every CD rack apart from the Top 40 albums and singles, then replacing them with joyless boards of display-model mobiles.

Do V Shops still exist? My nearest one got turned into a Game. Did you know those cheeky buggers charge you three pounds for a loyalty card? And their range of ZX81 software is shocking.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

V Shops vanished almost as soon as they appeared, I think. I've never quite understood why they thought that stores designed to carry large piles of stock in big racks would be the perfect place to sell phones.

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