Thursday, May 08, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Amy in the cells

Bloody hell - Gordon's wangled himself a co-writer credit on the Sun's story about Amy's arrest ("over our crack video", says the paper, apparently confusing 'our' with 'the video we bought from a drug dealer'). We're not sure which bits of the story Mike Sullivan wrote and what Gordon's contribution was - there's no mention of "Winehouse's banged-up bangers" - but this feels like Gordon's work:

[T]he star, who wore a lime green vest, was said to have sobbed uncontrollably once inside Limehouse nick.

God, yes - wearing lime green? Who wouldn't be sobbing uncontrollably.

Actually, we suspect Gordon's byline is a bit like when the Sugababes get a writing credit on their singles. This, for example, has been written by a proper journalist:
It is notoriously hard to prove possession of drugs unless the substance is found on the person arrested.

The Metropolitan Police previously launched a disastrous probe into the KATE MOSS cocaine video.

Supermodel Kate, 34, did not face any charges.

Under the law, it has to be proved whether a substance being snorted is Class A — such as cocaine — or Class B like speed.

Personally, we wouldn't have called it a "Kate Moss cocaine video" and then admitted that it was virtually impossible to prove that she was taking cocaine in the video.

It's funny, you know, we don't recall anyone on the Bizarre team having mentioned before that the "Amy smokes crack" video was virtually valueless as a piece of evidence every time they've run it before.

Still, it turns out that Amy isn't the target of all this activity:
One source told The Sun: “Those being brought in for questioning this week will be asked to give statements about the people who supplied them with drugs.

“The dealers are the targets of the investigation.”

If the police are trying to find out who was supplying the drugs, let's hope they don't need to talk to the editor of the newspaper section which had come into possession of the memory stick featuring two drug deals, eh?

Elsewhere, Gordon runs yet more naked tits on what has become the grubbiest online showbiz column. Actually:
There’s a new blonde, boob-flashing Z-lister on the scene and this one’s got connections.

NATALIE ROONEY – cousin of Manchester United striker Wayne – is launching a glamour career after having her first boob job.

- even Gordon admits that she's not, by any stretch, a celebrity, or does a job. Effectively, Gordon is running half naked pictures of a random woman off the street.