Thursday, May 08, 2008

May to rescue Rock?

The threatened-but-healthy digital radio station Planet Rock might yet have a future - apparently Brian May is pulling together some sort of rescue package to buy the network from GCap:

"I can't tell you who I am 'in league' with, but I am part of a small group of people who have great hopes that we will succeed in taking over the station, and putting it on a firm footing, for the benefit of its growing audience," May wrote on his website,

"I regard Planet Rock as rather more than just a radio station - it is a symbol of free radio ... radio which is not run by large corporate organisations for the purpose of making tons of money, and has a free choice of what it plays."

That's how you see Planet Rock, is it, Brian? Despite it being run by a large corporate organisation and talking openly about its playlist on its website?


Anonymous said...

And one of the bands it happens to play a lot is called... er... what was it now... King? Princess? No, it's gone!

Jack said...

Syd, I'm not sure if you're a listener (if so you may know more than me), but I must say I'm actually surprised how little Queen I've noticed on the station.

It will be very interesting to see if this works out. And not just because PR is my current saviour from George Lamb.

Jimbo said...

Actually, they don't tend to play much Queen in general. Alice Cooper is the only DJ who plays them regularly, and his show is brought over from the States (I think, I'm never sure how it works) - it's rare you'll hear Queen on the station.

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