Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Chemical Romance fans to lay siege to the Mail

Following the pudgy reporting of one fan's suicide, My Chemical Romance's audience have taken great offence against the Daily Mail. Indeed, they're going to have a protest outside the Mail offices.

Hmmm. Hundreds of angry young people wearing black shirts marching up and down the streets of London. That was the sort of thing that Mail loved back in the 1930s, wasn't it?

So far, organisers have persuaded 300 people to take part - although, obviously, if it's sunny on the 31st May it's unlikely many of them will be venturing outdoors.

It's not entirely clear what the aim of the march will be - we're kind of hoping they'll seize the presses and start printing Emo-tinged editions of the Daily Mail ("House prices fall - it's soooo unfair").