Saturday, June 14, 2008

Embed and breakfast man: Suede

It's a pure slice of self-indulgence this weekend, as we rummage around in the glorious past of Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler for a slew of Suede gawping.

Reading Festival, 1997: The three headliners were the Manics, Metallica - and, if you subtracted the Metallica from the Manics, you'd have Suede, who were the first climax of the weekend.

Beat the crap out of Beautiful Ones, Brett:

More video action across the weekend:
Can't Get Enough & She's In Fashion live at Glastonbury 2003
The Drowners
Trash from Top Of The Pops
The Next Life from Later With Jools Holland

Followed by Bernard Butler Monday
The Tears on Tuesday
Brett Anderson Wednesday

Suede - the timeless debut album
The Singles - all of them, no matter how questionable
Introducing The Band - their first live video, originally cranked out on VHS back in the mid-1990s, sort of half-arsedly thrown out on DVD
Love And Poison - the official biography (= not quite detailing the worst excesses)


Unknown said...

Yay, you've improved my weekend right there, thanks Simon.

Anonymous said...

"The Singles - all of them, no matter how questionable"

unless, of course, you count "Be My God"!!!

Still loving Suede here, sadly...

Anonymous said...

Huzzah! Always loved Suede. Although it was a bit late in their career, I always thought Electricity was a good tune (and the video was fairly spiffing). A million points to anyone who can find video online of them performing the track on Top of the Pops...

Anonymous said...

first video wasn't INTRODUCING THE BAND but LOVE AND POISON directed by WIZ :

its AMAZING. never came out on dvd so u gotta do a non legal search.


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