Wednesday, June 18, 2008

France introduces three two stikes bill

Obviously, France have got the hump this morning which might explain why cultural minister Christine Albanel has introduced a bill attempting to codify two strikes and off the web into law:

Culture Minister Christine Albanel presented the bill to cabinet, saying it was not about "policing" the web but rather encouraging responsible use of the Internet.

We're not sure in what way telling someone not to do something on pain of penalty is meant to be "encouraging" responsible use, but let's assume that's lost in translation.

There is one aspect - beside the one fewer strike - that makes this plan different from that proposed by the BPI: the French are going to appoint a body to oversee requests from the copyright farming companies and decide which to ask ISPs to respond to. The costs of this new layer of bureaucracy will, doubtless, be passed on to the ordinary French.