Monday, June 09, 2008

Glastonbury flogs tickets through shops

Thanks to Duncan for the tip on this one: Glastonbury has so many tickets left to flog, it's had to resort to pushing them out through HMV. Some of the larger stores start selling them on Wednesday, and so desperate are they to shift 'em, they've more-or-less abandoned security for them:

Buyers need only to provide their name when they buy, then make sure they bring photographic ID to the festival when they arrive. This is to ensure they comply with Glastonbury’s anti-touting policy.

Which is a bit of a step down from the idea of everyone having their photos printed on the ticket.

Oh, and also:
Tickets are limited to six per customer and are subject to a booking fee.

"Limited" to six per customer. Limited might be one word for it. They're starting to look more devalued than a Zimbabwean banknote.


Jack said...

I registered but didn't buy, and I got an email yesterday reminding me about it. You can now buy with a credit card too.

Anonymous said...

i got that email too. and another one from seetickets 'reminding me'. both signing off with some tawdy line like

"see you down at the farm,



Spence said...

I blame them hip-hoppers myself.

Anonymous said...

Crikey. This is a far cry from a few years ago, when disgruntled festival-goers wrote to Melody Maker to complain about the bad time they'd had at Glastonbury, and were treated to a chirpy reply from Michael Eavis the following week who signed off with "See you next year... If you can get tickets"

Mat said...

They've now ditched the registration thing entirely so you can now book online/over the phone without registering.

(Although I think you need to take photo ID with you -- presumably passport, driving licence or something else you wouldn't want to lose in a swamp).

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