Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Phishing alert

Handy rule of thumb, people who used to be in bands. Before you consider getting back together, why not try mentioning your band's name to people? If they look puzzled for a half-beat before going "oh... yes, I think I remember...", it might not be worth the cost of logistics to bring everyone back into the same room.

It's advice that looks like it's coming too late for Phish. Oh... yes... you remember them. Apparently Trey Anastasio is keen for the old gang to get back together - even before he's played his first post-unfortunate-run-in-with-cops solo gig.


Tim Footman said...

I suspect they're best known for having a Ben & Jerry's flavour named after them, which is a bad start.

But didn't they cover the Beatles' White Album in its entirety, including Revolution No 9? That's gotta be worth a footnote.

Spence said...

Why reform old bands, when there are so many great new bands to find, as that ol' talent scout himself Prince Harry has found:

Simon Cowell, your days are surely numbered.

James said...

Psst! Let's all go on Phish's Wikipedia page and change the names of the members, so he goes and rounds up the wrong people.

*types* Robert... Mugabe... Mr... Tumble...

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