Friday, June 20, 2008

Piers Morgan is a sorry man

Piers Morgan has apologised - although so far, only to Paul McCartney, and only for introducing him to Heather Mills:

"I was fooled into thinking that she was a good person..."

It's easily done, isn't it? You don't realise Heather Mills is bad, you don't realise that obviously-faked photos of prisoner abuse are faked... who can blame you?
[He] insists he didn't know she would turn out to be a "grasping, gold-digging little bimbo".

There's nothing worse than grasping, gold-digging sorts, are there? The sort of person who'd take a husband for everything she can, say, or someone who'd buy £67,000 worth of shares in a company his newspaper is just about to - entirely coincidentally - tip as a great investment.
"I'm not sure if Paul knew she was missing a leg at the time."

Eh? Is Morgan suggesting that having one leg is a character flaw? Or is he just going for a cheap "ha-ha, she's disabled, you know" gag?