Sunday, June 15, 2008

Suede weekend: Electricity

Sorry, James - no sign of them doing it on Top Of The Pops, so instead - complete with some arch Swedish Trev-and-Simonesque business and opening titles - this is Electricity live on TV4's Sen Kväll Med Luuk:

[Part of the Suede weekend]


Anonymous said...

Aces! Thanks for that, loved the way Brett and co threw themselves into the jocular pranketeerings of the comedy duo. I think I made out one of them saying "Wé døn't dö düvéts"

Poor Claim To Fame*: I once shared a house with a girl who was dating a man whose friend went to school with Richard Oakes from Suede.

*I can't decide whether this claim to 'fame' is more or less dismal than my other one, where I once saw Rory McGrath cycling through Cambridge.

I mean, everyone who's ever been to Cambridge has seen Rory McGrath cycling at some point. I'm beginning to think there are ten of him dotted around the city for the benefit of tourists, like they do with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland.


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