Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tears on Tuesday: Refugees

Following the Suede weekend and Bernard Butler on Monday, the inevitable Tears on Tuesday, then.

There was a mixture of excitement and alarm when Butler and Anderson reunited - the decision to use The Tears (from a Larkin line) instead of Suede indicating this was being seen as something other than a straight reunion. The album, Here Come The Tears was better than you might have hoped for; the reception less warm than they'd have been hoping. Although not officially junked, it's notable that there hasn't been much Tears activity since 2005.

So, enjoy them while you could. Or can. Refugees - from the album, off Top of the Pops:

More through the day:
The Ghost Of You - acoustic for MTV
Apollo 13 - live at Roskilde
A Love As Strong As Pain - live in Hong Kong

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