Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cameron wobbles

Poor old David Cameron - not only has someone stolen his bike (perhaps it was a student prank, the sort of young person's indiscretion we should turn a blind eye too; or maybe it was a young person pinched it, in which case we must act now) - but The Times diary records that his attempts to woo the urban scene still have some work required:

In a summit with New Statesman , the top artiste Goldie says: “If David Cameron puts his hand out to youth, he’s going to get it bitten off. Guaranteed. I think he’s bullshitting.”

Or Bullingdonclubshitting, anyway. Mind you, Dave might wonder if Goldie really counts as the "top artist" the Times has billed him as - although, as a representative of that key 'people who have had a couple of hits and been in EastEnders' demographic, we're sure he speaks for Wendy Richard and Nick Berry.


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