Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cardiac problems

Tim Smith, out of Cardiacs, has been having health problems. The universe, inevitably, has dealt him an ironic cardiac arrest. There's been a statement:

As some of you have no doubt become aware, Tim Smith, the stalwart
front man of your beloved CARDIACS has fallen foul of ill health.

In order to quash any rumours and idle tittle-tattle amongst the
faithful we find it appropriate at this time to furnish you with the
necessary information to perhaps remove the worried furrows from the
brows of the more hysterical amongst you..

On 25th June Tim collapsed and found himself the unfortunate victim
of, ironically, a cardiac arrest. Thanks to the skill and dedication
of those heroes of the streets, the paramedic service he was speedily
ensconced within the caring hands of the National Health Service where
he was treated by expert medical staff and thankfully he is now making
a recovery. There is no longer any danger to his life and he is
improving every day though we must caution that there is a long road

Needless to say we are sure you all wish him a speedy recovery and in
keeping with our reputation as the caring concern, THE ALPHABET
BUSINESS CONCERN will soon be facilitating a method of sending him
your personal messages of goodwill on our Web site
which is sure to cheer both him and his fellow CARDIACS no end.

Needless to say, all further information will be generously furnished
by THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN as and when we see fit and we hasten
to add that YOUR LOYALTY DEMANDS the utmost respect for his nearest
and dearest and that no attempts to gather any more information be
made of them during this most fretful of times.

All the best from this end, Tim.