Friday, July 11, 2008

Glastonbury battles on

You can never be sure if it's just bravado or not, but early indications from Pilton is that the ticket registration system will remain in place for next year, reports Kerrang:

Glastonbury bosses say they're going to stick with their controversial ticket registration process

This was designed to beat the touts and stop the fans being fleeced - and has worked.

Well, to be fair, it did - by putting so many barriers in the way of purchasing a ticket, it drove down demand to a point where tickets were left unsold on the eve of the festival, thereby removing any need to use a tout.

The procedure didn't stop tickets turning up on eBay - it just tanked the value of the tickets being sold there.

The other point that might lead Glastonbury to reconsider is that everyone knows they had to abandon the registration system for the last thousands of tickets - which is surely going to discourage people from bothering with the sign-up hoops in 2009? Why go to all the bother when they'll just remove the barriers closer to the weekend?