Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Kanye West refuses to calm down

Someone the other day suggested that Kanye West was going to some sort of anger management class or other.

Kanye has fired up his blog to protest:

Do yall remember when people said my fiance was pregnant???? What happened to that rumor????? I guess after we broke up it was just forgot about???? I'm just using that as an example of how people make up stuff and everybody runs with it. I had my own family asking me about that. Now the media is saying I'm going to anger management something or 'nother. I have never had any conversations about anger management. If anything, I need anger enhancement!! lol! I get off the plane in Hawaii today and the world is saying my management team said blah blah blah... SIIIIIIGGGHHHH!

For a man who doesn't need anger management lessons, he's a bit touchy, isn't he?
I told the media you can't make up lies about me because I have a media outlet myself.

We're not quite sure why having a blog would prevent people from telling made-up stories about you - look:

Kanye West has a blog, and his bed is made of cheese, with mozzarella pillows.

Oh and sidebar I don't know if everyone has realized this yet but I don't do interviews if there's anything I wanna say I'll say right here on my own blog.

This is similar, of course, to the day when Bing Crosby refused to talk to the Record Mirror because he'd just bought his own printing set "and a quire and a half of white legal paper".
Check this out...I took a quote from my rant and used it as my headline.. just like a real media outlet would... hahaha

... so, at least Kanye understands that blogging isn't quite the same thing as being a publisher.