Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ronson accepts criticism with good grace

Quite wonderfully, Mark Ronson inadvertently picks a headline for his 'bad review' blog entry which could come from Half Man half Biscuit's song:


And, of course, he only reads the gig guide any way.

Ronson then runs an email which he claims is from whoever reviewed his Glasto set in the paper denying they actually wrote the review as they were "sitting on a bus" at the time - we're nowhere near our copy of this week's paper at the moment but the 'disguised' identity of the emailer is going to be fairly easy to crack, as Ronson must know. It's wrong of the NME to assign a review to someone else's byline, but it's certainly not fair of Ronson to effectively out a writer criticising their employer by publishing a private email.

Especially as Ronson has no idea what went into the review:
i got the following email from a journalist at the NME in reference to what i imagine was a scathing review of my glasto performance (if only i read the mag, i might know what it said....oh well)

And is there to be a petulant gesture at the end?

Oh, yes:
my nme award for 2008's best international solo artist will be on ebay as soon as the morons send it to me. i doubt the bidding will go that high and it makes an excellent doorstop.

Aww, so one of the writers doesn't like you and you throw your toys onto eBay. Ronson might want to think about growing a thicker skin - or at least sticking to the sort of shallow group who'll give you a thumbs-up whatever they actually think.

[UPDATE: The review sits under a group of "Next year's headliners" with the byline of New Music editor Alex Miller.]


Anonymous said...

"my nme award for 2008's best international solo artist will be on ebay as soon as the morons send it to me. i doubt the bidding will go that high and it makes an excellent doorstop."

Feel free to point out my glaring mistake and call me Thick Jack Clot here, but how does he know it makes a good doorstop if the morons haven't sent it to him yet?

Oh, and what is it with these producer types that means they can make a name for themselves commanding multi-channel mixing-desks, flicking knobs and tweaking controls to create platinum-selling albums, and yet be completely incapable of using the 'Shift' and 'Caps Lock' keys?

ian said...

I believe NME described Ronson's show as "nauseating oily sub-lounge covers". Can't see that they're that wide of the mark myself, and I was unfortunate enough not to be on a bus out of Pilton by the time he came on.

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