Monday, July 07, 2008

Zapped: Another festival falls

Zapfest, planned for Oxford this coming weekend, has been cancelled:

"Due to unforeseen circumstances Zapfest has had to be cancelled. Over much deliberation we have come to this decision. This is a decision that has not come lightly as we have spent over a year organising the event and have invested a lot of time and money into it. Most of all it is something that we really believed in and wanted it to work. There are a few factors that have forced us to cancel which we can't go into detail about. We can only apologies for any inconvenience that has been caused to you all. Please return your ticket ticket to the place of purchase for all full refund."

It's a little odd to cancel with just some vague words about 'things we can't tell you about' - shouldn't they have at least made up a beautiful lie about gravity being broken in Oxford that weekend?