Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Darkness at 3AM: Up for the cup

The 3AM team have wandered onto the Olympics beat:

Gwyneth Paltrow inspired Chinese athletes with cupping

Well, that would explain the tight shorts they're wearing this year.

Oh, hang on: not that sort of cupping:
The actress seems to have inspired the Chinese athletes at the Beijing Olympics with her love of cupping - an alternative form of acupuncture.

Four years ago Gwynnie caused a stir when she stepped out with bright indentations on her back caused by the treatment.

We're told: "Cupping has become really popular with Chinese runners.

"Gwyneth was its most famous fan and it now seems sport has sat up and taken notice."

Yes. The Chinese have copied acupuncture from Gwyneth Paltrow. That makes perfect sense.