Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dick and gone

That difficult jump to not-kids-TV anymore is still proving difficult for Dick And Dom, who are even as we speak tidying things up at their Radio One desks. They've been axed in the latest round of weekend changes, which sees Nick Grimshaw being promoted to take over breakfasts and Nihal moves to weekend afternoons.

While we're on this: what's with the drip, drip of the new schedule over a series of weeks? Couldn't they have just decided everything in advance and then announced it in one big burst? It's not like there's so much going on the media would have been uncertain how to proceed ("should we lead on Nick Grimshaw's new show, or is Dave Pearce heading off to new pastures the key element?") Are we to expect a new weekday schedule to slowly reveal itself over the next two months?

Noteworthy: while in the last schedule change, the Radio One departees offered positive-sounding quotes to the BBC Press Office, neither Dick nor Dom seemed to be available for comment.