Saturday, September 27, 2008

Embed and breakfast man: Husker Du weekend

This weekend - with, I suspect, inconsistent umlauting - Bob Mould and Grant Hart's oh-lets-call-it-seminal 80s alt-rock powerhouse. And, ultimately, the despoilers of the whole scene - they were the first band of their type to jump from indie to major and, by proving the business case for signing college rock bands, paved the way for major labels to beat a path to every poorly-roofed rehearsal room in the US trailing creative constraints and piles of cash in their wake.

Not that you can blame them for that.

Let's start the weekend with the hit - in the sense of, if anything they did had ever broken into the charts, it would have been this: Could You Be The One:

Husker Du online
Husker Du database
Last FM

The Living End - live album
Zen Arcade
Flip Your Wig - one of two albums the band released in 1985
The band have attempted to regain the master tapes from their SST albums - claiming the label have diddled them - but plans to re-release the back catalogue have been caught in legal hell for quite a while.

More across the weekend
Diane live at 7th Street Entry
Live in Indianapolis, part one
Live in London
Eight Miles High live at Pink Pop


Olive said...

The band have attempted to regain the master tapes from their SST albums - claiming the label have diddled them...

It's not just Husker Du. I think Dinosaur Jr, Meat Puppets and Sonic Youth (among others) are still very grumpy with Greg Ginn.

Looking forward to this feature; if I have a favourite band it's these guys. I assume in true Husker Du spirit the next track is going to be one written by Grant Hart?

PeterDee said...

I love Husker Du, more than most bands, Diane being amongst their greatest, Hardly getting over it is a personal favourite and Books about UFO's.

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