Saturday, September 20, 2008

Embed and breakfast man: Saint Etienne

One 't', two 'n's.

Really, if you were looking for an example of British Pop to label Britpop, you'd be better off slapping the label on Saint Etienne than Oasis, wouldn't you?

To celebrate the new single, Burnt Out Car, which is one of those 'new tracks' that get flung onto compilations; and next month's compilation, London Conversations, which features the track Burnt Out Car, we're going to spend a weekend rustling about in the Saint Etienne video box.

And how better to start videos, than with Action?

Official site - tube-themed thrills
Wikipedia - Saint edit'em
Last FM
Airport - [note to self: check this is actually run by the band]

London Conversations - out October 13th
Tales From Turnpike House - London-centric concept album
Finisterre - it is the end of the world

More videos across the weekend
Pale Movie - Top of The Pops performance
Jungle Pulse with Etienne Daho
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Cola Boy: Seven Ways To Love
Sarah Cracknell featuring (and not featuring) Mark Brown - The Journey Continues
Nothing Can Stop Us Now - live at Bestival

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