Saturday, September 06, 2008

Embed and breakfast man: Young Marble Giants weekend

Again this week, we're drawing inspiration from Marc Riley's Peel By Request slot; this week he featured a session from Young Marble Giants.

There's not much Young Marbles Giant stuff around - their existence from 1979 demo tape to 1981 split generated a single album (the mighty Colossal Youth) and a couple of eps; a one-song reunion for BBC Radio 4 and a 2007 reunion at Hay On Wye has been pretty much it since then.

But what there was was beautiful.

So here then are Stuart Moxham, Phil Moxham, and Alison Statton. Let's kick off with the video for Cakewalking from the GoFish website (no, us neither.)

Colossal Youth
Salad Days - singles compilation
Live At The Hurrah - live DVD
Official website

More videos across the weekend
Looking Through A Woman's Eyes and Summerdays by Weekend, Alison's next band
NITA live on Something Else
Final Day live in Boulogne
Choci Loni live at Hay-On-Wye


Anonymous said...

If you are thinking of having your Terrazzo Floor polishing West Palm Beach,we are the ones to call.

James said...

No you're not, you made a right balls-up of my Terrazzo Floor. Whatever that is.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I really need my Terrazzo Floor to polish West Palm Beach. Doris, you're the one for me.

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