Monday, September 15, 2008

Hope Is Important; Warnings And Promises is for Saturday

The 'playing an entire album through start to finish gig' has become slightly flat-cappedly old fashioned in recent years. Idlewild have decided to raise the stakes, though, by deciding to play their entire back catalogue, start to finish, over a series of gigs at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut this December:

'Hope Is Important' and others (December 17)
'100 Broken Windows' (18)
'The Remote Part' (19)
'Warnings/Promises' and acoustic set (20)
'Captain' and 'Make Another World' (21)

You can get a season ticket for all five shows, although nobody will think badly of you if skip the disappointing one.


Anonymous said...

They are not raising the bar at all. Sparks did this in London earlier this year and they have a much larger back catalogue to get through.

Anonymous said...

Sneaky moving Captain out of order to ensure that someone actually goes to the last one, there.

David said...

Just to follow up Mr Anonymous on the "not raising the bar" thing - didn't Suede also do this just before they split?

CarsmileSteve said...

hehe, the manics took this to the other extreme on friday playing ONLY their heavenly singles (six songs in total) at the royal festival hall.

needless to say, it was EFFING AWESOME

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